Dr. S.S. Chawla, TIC

History has been and continues to be an extremely popular choice among students planning to pursue the Bachelors Degree. The discipline, at an academic level, satisfies our craving to fathom our past, the trajectories of the growth of human societies across the world and at the same time helps us unravel and analyse systematically the genesis and the root causes for many of our contemporary problems. History has always been a very popular subject for a variety of competitive examinations given its seamless cohesion with many social science disciplines. Significant shifts in the historiographical concerns in the last half a century have shifted the focus of discourse and research from documenting the plethora of ruling dynasties in Indian History and their historical contexts to a more complex paradigm of exploring the historical changes in social, economic and cultural domains. This has made the historical enquiry an enriching exercise in analysing historical questions through interdisciplinary method. For example, Environmental history and Historical geography brings the disciplines of History and Geography together, analyses of Political systems and state structures in the past bring History and Political Science together and historical engagements with social issues like caste, gender, education and suchlike necessitates some knowledge of Sociology and social theory. History has also emerged as a foundation stone for much more specialised career oriented courses related to Archaeology, Museology, Heritage and Conservation of Historical monuments and artefacts. Careers such as these are challenging but nonetheless provide ample opportunities to contribute to the society and help make this world a better place to live. Scheme for Choice Based Credit System in B.A(H) History

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Dr. S.S. Chawla
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Dr. Sanjay Sharma
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